Best Catfish Bait To Catch Monster Catfish?

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First of all, if you are looking to reel in that monster catfish you will need more than the best catfish bait around. If you plan on landing a big catfish with the same old’ rod and reel you use for every other catfish, think again! Having a top notch set-up and the best catfish bait is key when catfishing!

The first thing you will need to do is get yourself a nice, sturdy rod. If you plan on catching the type of monster catfish you hear stories about, you will need a rod that is at least 7 to 8 foot in length with medium to heavy action and rated for 25 to 30 lb line. Your reel should be a very sturdy one that can hold plenty of heavy test line. It is recommended that you use at least 20 to 30 lb class line for this type of fishing. However, you really don’t want to have your line be any heavier than 30lbs. If you use line any heavier you run the chance of any current  dragging your line around especially if your looking to fish in a hole.

To complete your set-up you will want to have a 2 to 4 oz weight with a leader of about 14″-24″ leading to a heavy duty #1 treble hook. There are many heavy duty hooks but you only need one and this is what we found works the best for big catfish. The key here is not to go cheap. Spend a little extra to get the best rod, reel, line, swivel, ect..  that you can afford on your budget.

There is no use of having the best catfish bait on the end of that hook with anything less than this type of set-up.


After you have your “monster catfish” rod and reel assembly set up, it’s time to look for the best catfish bait to put on the hook to attract these big fish.

Cabela’s King Catfish Combo

So what is the best catfish bait to catch these monster catfish?


AnswerFresh, live bait!

If you are any good with a casting net then you will be right on track to having the best catfish bait you will need. Using a casting net in the area you are fishing will make sure your bait is as fresh as possible and it will also match what they are already feeding on. If you are not any good with a casting net, no worries! You can always buy live bait at a local shop. Just make sure you keep it as fresh as possible. Think “I’m going to eat this bait for dinner” kind of fresh. To catch big catfish like Flathead and Blue live bait is the way to go because they prefer live, fresh bait when they mature. They will occasionally go after cut baits but if you want the best bait in general for the big ones you will want to use live bait.

The best way to hook  live bait and still make sure it is alive while fishing with it, is to hook it behind the dorsal fin right below the spine. You can  also hook it at the end of the tail or up  the lower jaw through the nostrils without killing it. Don’t be afraid to choose a bait fish that is 6-12 inches in length if you want to catch that  monster catfish. This is what they like!

You may be thinking you won’t catch many fish with large live bait and you are absolutely correct. What you are doing is weeding out those 1 -2 pound catfish that you can catch every other day with chicken liver or other catfish bait recipes. You came to catch a BIG catfish, right?  Well then, this is the best catfish bait for doing so!!  The best part when fishing for  “BIG” catfish is you can always switch to using smaller bait fish or cut bait if you run out of patience waiting for the big one to bite and settle for a decent days catch of smaller but decent sized catfish. Happy fishing!!

To Learn the SECRETS of catching Monster Catfish CLICK HERE

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Best Catfish Bait Recipes To Make From Home

Best Catfish Bait RecipesBelow we have outline 2 of the best catfish bait recipes. To learn 80 more recipes that have been tested and  proven to haul in buckets of catfish, check out  this great e-book Easy Catfish Bait Recipes.

The best catfish bait isn’t necessarily something you have to buy from the store. Many catfish anglers love to make their own catfish bait and swear that is the best way to haul in that monster catfish. Once you know what works and  find a few secret recipes that you believe to be the best, you can re-create them over and over again from home saving you boat loads of money.

Everybody has their own best catfish bait recipes and the best will usually have a few essential ingredients in common. All you need to do is take a peek inside of your freezer, refrigerator and cupboards to see that you have most of what it takes to make a killer home-made catfish bait at your fingertips.

Two of the most popular and best catfish baits to make from home are “stink bait” and “soap bait“.

You should be able to find most of the main ingredients you need to make these baits in your home. If not, a quick visit to your local grocery store will get you all the ingredients you need to conjure up your very own homemade catfish bait.

Below we have outline 2 of the best catfish bait recipes to get you started…

Best Catfish Stink Bait Recipe

Ingredients you need:

  • Chicken liver and Beef Liver
  • Cheese
  • Garlic powder or whole garlic
  • Can of Dog Food
  • 1 dozen minnows (A little detour from the grocery store to the local pet shop but well worth it.)
  • Flour
  • Blender

Step 1 – Put 1lb of chicken liver and 1lb of beef liver into blender.

Step 2 -Add 1 1/2 lbs of cheese (The stinkier, the better. Limburger cheese works well here.)

Step 3 – Add 4 tablespoons of garlic powder or 1 head of garlic.

Step 4 – Add can of dog food.

Step 5 – Add minnows.

Step 6 – Add flour (This is to give the dough enough consistency to stay on the hook. Start with a small amount and add more if needed)

Step 7 – Blend  **Friendly note ~ You may NOT want to use your wife’s/mom’s/girlfriend’s favorite blender to make this ;)

Add vegetable oil if your concoction becomes to thick to thin it out a bit.

Step 8 – Place in air tight container in a cool dry place until your ready to use.

Best Catfish Soap Bait Recipe

Ingredients you need:

  • 10 ounces of lye
  • 2 quarts of water
  • Glass Container (For mixing the lyeDO NOT use plastic!)
  • 5 lbs animal fat
  • 1 cup shredded cheese
  • Cooking Pot
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Cardboard milk carton

Step 1 – Cut off bottom of milk carton so you have a mold to pour your mixture into.

Step 2 – Melt fat in pot (Medium heat) Once melted, set aside and allow to cool but don’t let it harden or you will have to melt again.

Step 3 – Put 2 quarts water into glass container.

Step 4 – Add 10 ounces lye to water and gently stir. (Warning - NEVER add the water to the lye. Doing so will cause a reaction. LYE is CAUSTIC and can CAUSE SERIOUS BURNS. Again, always add the lye to the water, never the opposite!)

Step 5 – Add melted fat to the lye mixture stirring slowly. (Stirring to fast will allow air bubbles to get into the mixture that will cause your bait to float. You want your bait to sink.) Only add enough melted fat to create a think paste.

Step 6 – Add cheese stirring slowly to avoid air bubbles (You could melt the cheese in the microwave for 1 minute or add as is.)

Step 7 – Pour mixture into milk carton mold and allow to harden over a couple of days.

Step 8 – When ready to use, cut off a cube and push onto hook and start reeling in the big ones!

These are just 2 home-made catfish bait recipes. There are many other great recipes that you can make from home. Many of the best catfish bait recipes made from home were created through trial and error.

If you would rather be out catfishing than sitting at home trying to conjure up some great recipes of your own, remember to check out Easy Catfish Bait Recipes that has 80 proven and time tested recipes ready for you so you can spend more time fishing. Click Here

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Best Catfish Bait – What Works Best?

best catfish baitChoosing the best catfish bait depends on where you are fishing and what type of catfish you are looking to reel in. There are many different types of baits you could use but not all baits are created equal and knowing what type of bait to use can help you become the envy of all your catfishing buddies.

Seasoned catmen have very strong opinions about which bait is the best. You’ll hear one catman say that Threadfish Shad is what they swear by when fishing for Blue Catfish while another will say that they have had their best success using ShipJack Herring.

So what is the best catfish bait to use?

Here’s a little secretCatfish in general are not that particular about what they eat. Catfish are opportunistic feeders and have a hearty appetite for all sorts of bait weather it’s alive, dead, or you made it yourself at home. The main key to remember is to “match the hatch”. The bait of choice is always going to be their primary food source in the area you are fishing.

With that being said, here are the best catfish bait choices we have found to work wonders for the each of these particular types of catfish:

  • Blue CatfishShad (A fish in the Herring family). Use fresh wormed onto a hook or cut into pieces.
  • Flathead CatfishLive bait.  The key is to make sure you keep your live bait fresh and alive. (Look for what is the primary source in the place you are fishing.)
  • Channel CatfishPrepared baits (Dip, Punch and Soap baits all work well.)

Another key that will help find the best catfish bait to use is to constantly keep an eye on the water where you are fishing. If you happen to see a catfish feeding on something you will want to match that bait and it’s swimming action as closely as you can.

To sum it up, weather you are fishing for Blue, Channel, Flathead or even Yellow Bullhead catfish, the golden rule in choosing the best catfish bait is to always take into consideration the type of catfish, your fishing location and the primary food source that the catfish are feeding on where you are fishing.

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